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The HP Pavilion X360 Review,Specs And Price



hp pavilion x360

Photo Credit: TECHPP

HP is one of the laptop companies that appear in your mind, and why not. They have been the pioneers of this segment of computer equipment for a long time. With the rise of tablets and smartphones, in particular, the high-end IPad tablet Pro: such that the tab and Samsung S3, the traditional ordinances laptop have faced a challenge considered regarding proving the “ease of mobility” of these Devices. So that tastes of Microsoft Surface are very expensive, the series HP Pavilion x360 exists since a year or Ouux two different models. It’s a computer with a touchscreen and a rotating screen at 360 degrees that transforms it into a tablet (finally, of that kind!).

We used the 2017 version of the HP Pavilion x360 of 14 inches for about three weeks. And we now bring you the detailed examination of the same thing.

HP Pavilion X360 Design


Photo Credit: TECHPP


When it comes to design, this is the typical hp pavilion x360 you would have seen before. This means that it is a portable computer in silver that aims to be simple in its design, not pulling for the flamboyance. HP to save all this to have a sturdy in aluminum construction that is worth almost 1.8 kilos. On the right side, there and an HDMI port, two USB ports 3.0, a USB Type-C port and an SD full slot. On the other hand, there is a volume toggle, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, a power button and a charging port.


Just like Lenovo Yoga, the hp pavilion X360 screen can be rotated to 360 degrees, and it’s pretty slick and holds up to the position where you want it to stay. This has been a feature of the hp pavilion X360 series, and it is is to see its smoother than before-no noise or clunk. The only problem is when you move the screen entirely on the two for compressed, the weight makes it somewhat uncomfortable to use, and we wish the edges were smooth or somewhat more rounded, just like how an iPad is made, for a Best user experience.


The keyboard is well done, with the keys having a stroke of 1.3 mm. The movements are very soft and silent. Being more a Macbook user myself, I didn’t have any trouble adapting to the use here, which is a good sign. The spacing is also comfortable for various hand sizes. The touchpad measures Synaptics fed 5.5 inches x 2.5 inches and is well placed-do not stretch too far the thumb slides for and go without those having to raise your hand. It supports up to three finger gestures.

The screen is made of a panel of 1080 p of 14 inches and doubles as a touchscreen. The color output is clear and easy to the eyes. So that the screen itself is very reflective, the angles of vision are good on the edges when it is inclliné, what is essential for a rotating display. The sensitité to the touch was also free of problems, even with the use of the pen, this we will come to bite. With a global brightness close to 350 nits, the display behaves well overall.

X360 Specs


Under the hood, the variant of the HP Pavilion X360, we used packaged a processor Intel Core i5 7200 U, which is a processor 7th generation clocked at 2.2 GHz. This, with 8 GB of RAM DDR4 and 1 TB of internal storage, and an Nvidia GeForce 940MX 2 GB for graphics is a right combination for a varied set of tasks, one can use it for. My office work in general, to have 20 + tabs of the browser open with client mail, SharePoint pages and folders, streaming media and downloading and so on, the HP Pavilion X360 showed signs of everything stutters. With games like Smite, League of Legends, in playing well, it was a cake walk for the HP Pavilion X360 with games such as Counter-Strike-thanks to the NVIDIA graphics card.

The sound output via the speaker and headphones was immersive but cracked to the highest volume with significant distortions. It and has two problems with heavy multitasking on this laptop-first is the heating problem, slightly overheating to name it as. The upper left part gets very hot, and the ventilator tries to keep temperature remote. In deciding this, it gets very noisy, enough to scare you at the beginning if something will give up. Second, the discharge of the battery during the game is much faster. The lithium-Ion battery is registered from 12 to 15 hours; more it was far from the claim. Up to 6hrs on light loads and 3hrs of play and heavy multitasking are what we noticed.

The pen supplied with the laptop is a handy tool. It supports Windows applications such as OneNote and some drawing tools. We found it very useful when we put it in the tablet mode and used it to navigate the screens and make some presentations using it as a pointer. This also helps keep the screen free of stains that begin to accumulate when touched with your hands. In specific applications like Gmail and Facebook, we faced a fraction of a second delay so that the first clicks were registered and then everything was fine. I’m not sure why, but it was consistent with some of the applications.

With a price of around Rs 70,390 (with an output price of Rs 55k for the Core i3 variant), for what it offers, the HP Pavilion X360 is an excellent off-road. Proper construction, decent screen, good touch screen, a professional looking design which is neither very old nor too eye-catching, good sound output, practical pen and reliable performance for various usage patterns. This is something for the moving pros. Whether it’s a designer or an independent professional tapping into some code, or an artist doing his job or just a player who uses it for his or her needs. It is a convertible laptop that caters to a wide range of use cases which is hard to find. The Lenovo Yoga series is something that can compete, but we think it’s not a big hit. Except for battery life and excessive heating during heavy play, the X360 will find our recommendation safely. Especially with the different screen sizes that are offered. If you don’t like video games, the Lenovo Yoga series can be more useful and provides more stylish designs and colors. Which one would you choose? Let us know!


HP Pavilion x360 Price In Nigeria, USA, UK, And India

Nigeria– The HP pavilion should cost around N200,000

The USA– The HP pavilion should cost around $600

The UK– The HP pavilion should cost around 450Pounds

India– Rs 39,000


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I have a thing for technology, blogging is just my way of showing it. Besides blogging I’m a student at Imo State University, Owerri. Also an SEO expert, so you can call on me for your web development. Kindly use our contact us page to do so.

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I have a thing for technology, blogging is just my way of showing it. Besides blogging I’m a student at Imo State University, Owerri. Also an SEO expert, so you can call on me for your web development. Kindly use our contact us page to do so.

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I have a thing for technology, blogging is just my way of showing it. Besides blogging I’m a student at Imo State University, Owerri. Also an SEO expert, so you can call on me for your web development. Kindly use our contact us page to do so.

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