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We are an international team of over 350,000 shipping professionals, united by a passion for delivery. And we work in a unique environment. SyrCourier is as innovative as a start-up, with the power of an international organization.

Our Aim

We move packages from one place to another with fast delivery. We tend to make our customers feel relaxed with the knowledge that their packages will be delivered on time.

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Ground Delivery

This is mostly used by residents of syria or any other country we're based in. This method is fast and affordable. You can contact us at the bottom page to deliver a package.

Ship By Sea

Looking to ship your package to a distant location? with our ever fast and ready cargo,we'll ship your package fast and safe. Contact us below to ship a package

Air Frieght

The fastest and yet cheapest most of shipping your package from anyhwere in the world. Contact us now to ship a package.

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