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iphone 8

iphone 8

iPhone 8: It harvests time in Apple Park; the latest Apple products are mature, shiny, ready to fall from the tree.

MacBill is on the ground inside the new Steve Jobs theater brand, willing to catch every one, or at least the news of each one: the new iPhone (iPhone 8 or X, perhaps), new wearable (new ready-made Apple Watch) And more.

This is easily one of Apple’s most eagerly anticipated product launches. It marks the tenth anniversary of the first iPhone, so expect something special from Apple’s flagship product. It is also the first event to be held not only by Apple, the new park Apple Park massive space ship, but the first time Apple CEO Tim Cook will deliver product news from within the place named for his original predecessor, Steve Jobs late.

Those of us in attendance may spend a lot of time talking about the environment as we do all the new tools and good things Apple unveils on Tuesday, September 12 at 10 am the bit.

All our first impressions and each fresh juice bit of Apple product crop can be found here. Lock in and do not look away.

Everything happens very soon.

Join us Tuesday morning (September 12) for all live news and response from Apple Campus. In the meantime, here’s what we know about the new iPhone ¬†devices and the new location.

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