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How To Choose A Laptop For Programmers 2017



considerations before buying your next laptop.

best laptop for programming reddit

How To Choose A Laptop For Programmers

Choosing the right laptop for programming can be a difficult process. It’s easy to get confused while researching the various options. There are many different notebook models out there, each with a different set of trade-offs.
You can write code on most laptops. However, your productivity will improve if you use a machine suitable for the type of tasks you perform.
There are different types of development, and several tools are required with each specialization. Therefore, there is no single approach to buying a development machine.
I made the following assumptions in this article:

  • You are a web developer
  • Your laptop is your main development machine

Here are some considerations before buying your next laptop.

considerations before buying your next laptop.


Laptops come in all shapes and sizes. You need to figure out how portable you want your laptop to be.
If you do not need to carry your laptop often, you may want to consider a 15-inch laptop. These typically have better specs and more display properties for multitasking.
If you work in different places or travel a lot, a 13 or 14 inch laptop may be better for you. They are lighter and provide longer battery life.
Unless you are buying a 2-in-1 laptop, a touch screen does not offer enough benefits to justify the additional cost. I suggest you avoid the touch screen.


The display of a laptop is one of its most important features, especially for programmers. Developing applications involves looking at the screen for long periods. You need to pay close attention to the details.
Most budget laptops ship with a 1366 x 768 screen, which I find to be mediocre at best. The screen does not have enough screen properties for multitasking. Also, the text is not sharp enough to have a comfortable reading experience.
A 4k screen is excessive for a laptop, especially when you consider the additional costs and drain the battery you will encounter.
Whatever you do, do not buy a laptop with less than a Full HD 1920 x 1080 (1080p) screen. If you have to pay a little more to get 1080p, do it.
Also make sure the screen has good viewing angles; The screen of your laptop should not duplicate like a mirror!
Processing power (CPU)
Your laptop’s CPU has a huge influence on performance so you can not afford to skimp on this one. There are many different types of processors with different specifications. Be sure to consider these specifications. Some of the most important are the size of the cache, the number of cores, the frequency and the power of thermal design.
In general, a good Intel Core i5 or i7 processor with a frequency of 3GHz or more should be enough for most people.
I do not think any serious programming can be done on a laptop with less than 4GB of RAM. My recommendation for smaller RAM is 8GB. Even that is becoming just enough with the advent of electron applications, which love to consume large amounts of RAM. If you have extra money out there, invest in 16GB of RAM.

Type of storage and capacity

Obtaining an SSD (Solid State Drive) should be near the top of your priorities. This will give you significant performance improvements over a standard hard drive. Each operation will be much faster with an SSD: including operating system startup, code compilation, application launch, and project loading.
A 256 GB SSD should be the baseline. If you have more money, a 512GB or 1TB SSD is better. If cost is a factor, opt for a smaller SSD where your operating system will live next to your frequently accessed applications and documents (such as project files). Remaining things, such as music or videos, can rest on a larger external hard drive.




You can not afford to compromise the quality of your laptop’s keyboard, as that is what you will use to get code all day long. I tend to go for laptops with a more compact keyboard layout.
The most important thing is to test the keyboard of a laptop thoroughly before buying. Make sure the keys are comfortable and easy to reach with a good trip. A backlit keyboard is useful if you intend to work in low light conditions often.

Battery Life

Good battery life may not be as important to you if you spend most of the time near a power outlet. However, shoot for at least 6 hours of battery life.
Do not rely on the expected battery life as directed by the manufacturer. Read third-party reviews of trusted websites and see what real users are saying about the product in forums and reviews.




Your choice of operating system will determine which laptop to buy heavily. Windows users have many options, but if you prefer macOS, you’re limited to one of the Macbook offerings.

Linux will run on most hardware, but it is better to buy laptops that have official Linux support. Some vendors, such as Dell and System 76, provide premium machines with preinstalled Linux. You may want to look at the first ones.
Otherwise, do your research to make sure that the laptop you intend to buy plays well with your preferred Linux distributions.

Dedicated or integrated graphics?

A dedicated graphics card (also known as discrete) is not very important for coding purposes. Save money with an integrated graphics card. Invest the money you save into an SSD or a better processor that will provide more value for money.
I would love to know what factors you consider to be most important for a development machine and how it affects your day-to-day work.
If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your developer friends and click on the green heart “❤” below and so others can find it too. Thank you for reading

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I have a thing for technology, blogging is just my way of showing it. Besides blogging I’m a student at Imo State University, Owerri. Also an SEO expert, so you can call on me for your web development. Kindly use our contact us page to do so.

I have a thing for technology, blogging is just my way of showing it. Besides blogging I'm a student at Imo State University, Owerri. Also an SEO expert, so you can call on me for your web development. Kindly use our contact us page to do so.

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I have a thing for technology, blogging is just my way of showing it. Besides blogging I’m a student at Imo State University, Owerri. Also an SEO expert, so you can call on me for your web development. Kindly use our contact us page to do so.

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Beyond being just an application that spreads spreadsheets or helps reduce data, Excel is a powerful problem-solving tool that, with a little knowledge, can help you automate your workflow. With The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Bundle, you get 33 hours of detailed instructions that allow you to manage information and better analyze data, in short, increase your business analysis skills, preparing you for better projects, an improved scope in your current function and such once even a promotion.

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Next, you will learn how to look at data and develop powerful ideas and trends using dynamic tables. Whether you’re trying to discover the reason behind a spike (or dip) in sales, or what drives your users to invest or buy in a product at a given time of day, this particular course gives you the tools to help Discover why that can be lost in all the noise.

Finally, Excel VBA will dominate, the basis for the automation of tasks in Excel. It concludes with the final course (and the one that could probably change your career): how to prepare an impressive workbook, either to calculate the budget of your home or to win the business of a Fortune 500 CEO.

Everyone had to use Excel at some point, but they are the people who dominate it and stand out from the crowd. Typically, The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Bundle costs $945, but you can get it now for $34.

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I have a thing for technology, blogging is just my way of showing it. Besides blogging I’m a student at Imo State University, Owerri. Also an SEO expert, so you can call on me for your web development. Kindly use our contact us page to do so.

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How To Set Up Voicemail On iPhone



Do you have an iPhone? Then it’s probably time to set up your visual voicemail function! This is the function that allows you to see all your voice messages without needing to call a number first. You can organize, delete and play your voice messages from this handy menu, but you must first know how to set up voicemail on iPhone.

Note: This process should work on most new iPhones, such as the iPhone X and iPhone 8, you may want to make sure that iOS is updated before you start; do it through Settings> General> Software update or you can check our guide on how to update your iPhone to the latest iOS. If you have not yet set up primary voicemail through your provider, go to our additional tip below to get started and make sure everything is ready for visual voicemail.

How to set up voicemail on iPhone.

how to set up voicemail on iPhone

Almost all telephone service providers in North America are now compatible with visual voicemail. Apple has a complete list of carriers and what they support if you want to verify, but if you use any major carrier, it’s probably covered. This is what you should do on How to set up voicemail on iPhone:

Step 1: Go to the phone application at the bottom of the home screen of your iPhone and press it. At the bottom your iPhone window, you will see the voicemail icon in the right corner. Select it to open your visual voicemail.

Step 2: The voicemail screen should show space with a button to configure now in the centre of the screen. Select this: now you have an option. If you have used the iPhone voicemail service in the past and have previously logged in, you can enter your previous password here to access your old voicemails automatically. If you have never used visual voicemail before, you must create a password and re-enter it. When finished, select Done.

Step 3: Now your iPhone will show the greeting screen. If you do not care much about the greeting, you can press “Default” and then “Done” to skip this step. If you want your greeting personalised, select, “Record” to record your greeting, and “Play” to repeat it. When you are satisfied with it, select Done.

Step 4: Your iPhone’s voicemail is now officially configured. However, you can also check here for more information about how to move voicemail around Apple services. You can share voicemails with AirDrop, send them by mail to others, save them as an audio note to save space, and more. Look at your options and get comfortable using the voice mail system!

Additional tip: set up primary voicemail

You may want to set up and use basic voicemail on your iPhone until you are ready for visual voicemail. If you have just changed providers or this is your first operator, you should probably configure basic voicemail directly with them. This is an excellent option if you’re still comfortable with your phone and want to use traditional voicemail until it is time to set up the visual voicemail application.

Most of these setup procedures require you to dial the correct number and set up your voicemail on the phone, but they all differ in small ways. Let’s review by the main operator to see what they require.

AT & T: Here you can read the specific AT & T instructions. You should start by pressing the voicemail key or by pressing and holding the “1” key. Next, set up a greeting and password (now a requirement) for your voicemail. AT & T also allows you to update your voicemail to get more space, but this is not necessary to set up visual voicemail.

Verizon: Verizon’s configuration is application-based and easy to do before configuring visual voicemail. Select the phone application, select Voicemail and go to Configure now. This will take you to choose a password and a greeting on your iPhone.

T-Mobile: Like AT & T, T-Mobile wants you to hold down the “1” key until you connect it to your voicemail. From here, set your password and follow the instructions to record a greeting.

Sprint: if you have a Sprint phone, you must press and hold “1” here as well. You can get more information about the process here.

Now you know how to set up voicemail on iPhone, make sure you drop your comments in case of any issues. You can also contact me using our contact form. Thanks.

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I have a thing for technology, blogging is just my way of showing it. Besides blogging I’m a student at Imo State University, Owerri. Also an SEO expert, so you can call on me for your web development. Kindly use our contact us page to do so.

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