Flac Player: How To Watch iPhone 8 Launch Live

Flac Player: How To Watch iPhone 8 Launch Live

Flac Player: How To Watch iPhone 8 Launch Live

How To Watch iPhone 8 Launch Live

Watch iPhone 8 Launch: Apple is set to launch its iPhone X anniversary on September 12 and here is how you can watch the live event on Windows Android devices.

September 12 will be that Apple has said it will host an event. Now such an event has almost hosted every autumn season over the past ten years since the launch of the iPhone. This is exactly why this year’s event will be special because it will be the tenth anniversary of a creative mobile phone that has forever changed the way we count and communicate.

Also, it is the feat that no other mobile maker can boast at the moment. This is simply because Apple is the pioneer here, with all others following suit. No wonder that the craze for this year’s event is already shooting through the roof, forming already to be one of the most awaited technical events of the year. Keeping up with the procedures will be simple for those already in the Apple family despite the Android or Windows users, they can still be upset by the actions. Here is how.

For those who want to watch on a Windows machine, you can do this via the Microsoft Edge browser. Click on the Apple iPhone 8 release event. Open the link on the Edge browser, and it should be good.

For this you will have to download and install the FLAC Player, the tried and tested application known for its ability to run just about any media file.

Once the installation is complete, launch the FLAC player. Click the hamburger icon and select the “Stream” option. Enter the link listed Check below for the web link.

Link: Watch iPhone 8 Launch Live

Click “Play” for the broadcast to begin. However, doing so now may result in error messages where the broadcast can only start after the Apple event has begun.

The above method also works for Windows machines as well. Just download and install the FLAC player and click/tab on the media. Select the next Open Network Stream.

You can set things right now and pick the play on September 12. The sharp event starts at 10 A.M. Appeared to be held at the Steve Jobs Theater located with the new Apple campus that came to be known as the campus spacecraft.

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