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[Beginners Guide] How To Write An Android Ransomeware Program 2017

How To Write An Android Ransomeware Program

How To Write An Android Ransomeware Program

How To Write An Android Ransomeware Program

The Symantec researchers have written about how easy it is for one to become the author of Android malware, thanks to the access Trojan development groups (TOX) to the smartphone platform:

Adolescents malware authors can start using the text by downloading the free application first. Applications are available from hacking forums and through advertisements on popular social networking messaging service in China.

The application, which has an easy to use interface, is no different from any other Android app apart from the fact that it creates malware.

To create malware, all the user needs is to choose what customization he wants by filling the form on the screen.

In short, if you are smart enough to play Crossword Road, you can create a custom Android Ransomeware Рdetermine what messages will be displayed on unlocked devices, what key should be used to open it, and so forth.

You do not need to know how to write one line of code to write an android ransomware robot.

As researcher Denish Venkatesan explains, you can make many pieces of mobile android ransomware as you want once you have paid a one-time fee:


Once all the information has been filled in, the user hits the “Create” button, and if you have not done so, ask to subscribe to the service. The application allows the user to start an online conversation with the application developer where they can arrange a one-time payment. Once a user has subscribed, they can continue with this process, making many variables android ransomware as they wish.

The only possibility is that even though you may not need to know how to program, you will have to be comfortable handling the Chinese Trojan UI development kit.

Of course, if there is a demand for such tools, the chances are that some will be built using languages more efficiently for the rest of the world.

To be honest, my overwhelming sense when reading the Symantec report from the malware-building groups for Android was to think – “Have you taken this long?”

Twenty-five years ago, in my early days in the antivirus industry, I remember anywhere the lab man created a virus (VCL) that brought similar malware creation too easy DOS users.

If anything, with its sleek user interface and turbo vision (including mouse support and context sensitive help), it was all more sophisticated than some antiviral products at the time.

You must remember that although every child may play to write viruses, the malware that was created was simple to detect every sample of the plant carrying similar characteristics. Let’s hope that this robot generator android Ransomeware suffers from similar defects that will help prevent it from having a significant impact.

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