10 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Kotlin For Android App Development

ADB or Android Debug Bridge is a term that has been found quite often. Whenever you connect your device to your computer via cable, or if you browse around the

Reasons Why You Should Switch To Kotlin

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When we talk about Android development, we immediately think of Java. But should we? Joseph Onuoha explains 10 reasons why we should all think about changing Kotlin instead.
“The starting point is that the new technology will not necessarily replace the old technology, but that the date, by definition, will eventually replace it, but it’s as if people had black and white televisions when the color came out. Whether or not the new technology was worth the investment. ”


When we talk about application development for Android, Java is the dominant programming language. We all immediately assume that this is so. But it’s true?

Not for me. Other languages can be used to write Android applications that are also compatible with the JVM.

Which brings me to the main point for today: JAVA is obsolete. He has been overthrown by Kotlin.

Kotlin is going to be the future platform for designing and writing applications for Android. In fact, many developers have already titled it as the premium class language for writing Android applications.

Peter Ducker once said: “For the new technology to replace the old one, it has to have at least ten times the benefit.” Following that maxim, I will go through ten important reasons why Kotlin should be adopted as the new official programming language for Android applications. These reasons should explain why Kotlin has reaped all the praise he has despite the crowded field.

1. Kotlin is a simpler language

Java is a very old programming language. And every time there is a significant update, it adds complexity to the language. New features, new add-ons, etc. All are useful, but this means that Java is a much more complex language for programming.

On the other hand, Kotlin is much more recent and lacks the complexity of multiple coverages. This makes coding in Kotlin easier.


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