10 Features iPhone X Copied From Samsung Galaxy S8

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Features iPhone 8 Copied From Samsung Galaxy S8

10 Features iPhone 8 Copied From Samsung Galaxy S8

No one can deny Apple’s good history of innovation. But sometimes, their inspiration can not be clearer in what competition has already dealt with.

Before the release of the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus devices, we noticed what was pulled from the OS. But now, let’s take a look at how the devices seem to be the 11 new devices from Apple have “borrowed” from the devices and applications that come before.

10 Features iPhone x Borrowed From Samsung S8

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Probably the most influential feature coming to at least the iPhone X, face scanning cameras were available for some time in Android smart phones made by Samsung, and in a significant number of laptops secured with Windows Hi.

But even if Apple is not the first, it is supposed to be backed by a biometric security company that was purchased earlier in the year that could be pushed above the competition. If so, the iPhone X will be the safest smartphone around, which can not be fooled by a static image, unlike Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


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